Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter - Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Hello Beautiful!

I am back from Milan and I've got some fashion tips for you! Winter - Spring 2013 fashion trends are spectacular in my opinion! I have noticed that there is a lot of contrast this season! For example,  in terms of colors one should choose either pastel or very bright colors. Both are presented by high-end brands! Moschino and Versace presented pastel collections at Renescente department store in Milan.

Moschino collection

Moschino collection

Versace collection

On the contrary Valentino and Blumarine presented bright collections!

Valentino collection
As usual cheetah print and neon colors are still in fashion! Cheetah print presented by Stella McCartney and Just Cavally. Neons - by Baldinini! 

             Just Cavalli collection

Stella McCartney collection

Baldinini collection

Important tip! Pay attention to the details! Lace, studs, pins etc are very fashionable in both clothes and shoes!

Dolce & Gabbana collection

Dolce & Gabbana collection

Dolce & Gabbana collection


Michael Kors


This season requires high heels, platforms and wedges, but flats / flip flops are also very fashionable!

Flats / Flip Flops
Beautiful hats


  1. I've been following the grungy trends this season with the monochrome and flashes of neon, I think it's a really nice come down after the glam festive period. I'm really looking forward to the denims this season too! I've already seen a lot of diffident bleaches and acid washes that look amazing!!!

  2. Gostei muito do seu blog, seguindo aqui, me segue?? bjs
    bjs e bom final de semana.

  3. I love animal print but in super small bursts

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