Friday, May 18, 2012

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Sedona Lace Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with Zipper Belt

Some time ago I was contacted by Sedona Lace LLC and offered to review any their product. I took a look at their website and decided to review their brushes. Vortex Collection caught my attention, because it was designed by Renelyn Monteloyola, who is also a beauty guru on Youtube (Makeup by Ren Ren). Therefore, I decided to review Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with Zipper Belt. This was the priciest set available, so I wanted to check THAT out just because it contained the majority of brushes. And I know that you want to know my opinion on ALL brushes! :) OK, so let's begin with the review.

The brushes came in a well-packed package together with a leaflet, which described the purpose of each brush. Vortex collection consists of 14 brushes (brushes for face, eyes and lips). The brushes came separately from the zipper belt, however each brush was packed separately too. I also need to mention that each larger brush has a protection-case, which helps protect brushes and their bristles!

Obviously, once I received the brushes I tried placing those into the zipper belt! This is the layout I thought would suit me (below). As you can see, I placed larger / face brushes on the first row left side and blending brushes / eye brushes - on the right side. I thought that the rest of the brushes should be on the second row. I have to say that I love the fact that this belt has space for more brushes, so one can add other brushes if it is needed. Besides, there is also space for your business cards! I think this is genious, because if you are a professional makeup artist doing your job daily, you don't want to spend time searching for your business cards (as I usually do :) ), you just grab one without stopping  your job and give it to the new client!

I don't want to draw comparisons with other brands (I don't think it would be correct), but I have to say that for this quality of brushes, the price of the set with the zipper belt is really cheap! You can buy these brushes at The price for this particular set is $79.95, which is ca $76 less if you bought each brush and the belt individually / separately! You basically pay for 4 larger brushes and the belt... and all other brushes are for free! :)

Here are my overall thoughts about pros and cons of Sedona Lace Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with Zipper Belt:

-Affordable price
-Good quality
-Good assortment of brushes
-Multi-functional belt
-Fast delivery

-I would add a larger shader brush to this collection
-Slight shedding
-Currently out of stock

I also am giving away 1 set of Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with the Zipper Belt by Sedona Lace. The rules to the giveaway are the following:

- Subscribe to BeautifulYouTV @Youtube (click here to do so)
- Follow Sedona Lace on Twitter (click here to do so)
- Write a comment on my Facebook page explaining why you
  want to win the brushes (click here to do so)
- You can write as many comments as you want
- Giveaway is open internationally
- Giveaway lasts 10 days, 18 May - 28 May, 2012
- If you are <18, ask your parents for permission
- The winner will be chosen randomly
- The most active commentators will participate in an additional brush
  giveaway (hint: prize - 1 MAC brush)
- The winner will be announced on my Facebook page May 31,2012
- The winner needs to contact me back on Facebook within 3 days,
   otherwise a new winner will be chosen


  1. Great! thanks for the giveaway I entered already! thanks!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! Excited lah~!!!

  3. Good luck, girls! I cross my fingers that you win! <3

  4. This sounds great and I am in desperate need of brushes! I have been a makeup finger painter until now and have just started being interested in brushes. Thanks for the chance and the review.

  5. The brushes well packed and its looking great.The amazing collection of beauty products and related products.I have seen similar products may be best for skin and body.