Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HAUL: Clothes & Shoes

In one of my previous posts I told you that I was getting prepared for some shopping! Now it is time to show the results! In this post I will show you only clothes and shoes that I bought. I have to be honest, I am quite happy with myself! :) Here is a snapshot of everything I got. More pictures, prices and descriptions are below!

OK, so let me go into detail and show you the prices I bought my clothes/shoes for. As you will see I really saved a lot of money, which means that I can do even more shopping! Haha, just kidding! ;)

Although I bought only one dress, I still think it was a success! I love elegant summer dresses like this one!

Although this was a collective haul, I can't remember myself buying so many shoes and pants at once! Buying shoes is quite hard for me, because I prefer and buy ONLY comfortable shoes, so it was really amazing to find so many comfortable pairs at once! 

Although I try to follow fashion closely, I still would like to ask for your advice and help! In July I am going to Milan for shopping. What would you suggest me buying? Any particular trends I should pay attention to? ;)


  1. Karina, if you decide to visit Madrid, tell me please!!! kisses from Spain!

  2. Myriam, I definetely will let you know! I have been to Madrid once and I have to be honest, I fell in love with this city!

  3. I love the first dress and the pants! But the satin top looks a little like pajamas:D

  4. I agree about pajamas part :D