Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping Again...

Many of you know that I originally come from Estonia, so this blog post is going to be about shopping in my home-country. Every year there is this amazing season of sales that makes people go literally crazy! Two times a year (spring and fall) two best malls in Estonia do huge sales that last 5 days (Wed-Sun). I have to be honest, I love these sales, because I usually buy all the necessities during this sales time!

It also needs to be said that one mall (Kaubamaja) does its sales a week before the other mall (Stockmann). Anyways Kaubamaja's sales, which are called Ostu Ralli, are already over and starting tomorrow sales @ Stockmann called Hullud Päevad begin. Btw, Hullud Päevad is literally translated as "Crazy Days"! :)

This year I thought it would be fun to show you all my purchases, so make sure to follow my blog to see those! ;)

For those of you interested, here comes the catalogue with some items that are going to be sold at "Crazy Days". What would you suggest me buying? :)

P.S. Can't wait! I am so excited about tomorrow! :P 

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