Friday, January 20, 2012

A small peak into the kitchen...

Hey guys!

I know some of you will be confused with this blog post... but whatever, I just wanted to share with you something not beauty related! :)

Ok, so some of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know that I have a dog (a Frenchie) , who is like my little baby and whom I love SO much! I guess I have to compensate the fact that I don't have children yet with love towards my doggie! :)

Anyways, my husband and I thought that it would be quite nice to spoil our sweet little cutie with a tasty meal (Andy is really picky you know). So that you know, it does not happen too often, so please don't judge us! I have to mention that Andy (our Frenchie) loves pasta, cheese and meat. We decided not to think too long and just mix everything he likes together! As a result we came up with this amazing meal: penne pasta mixed with mincemeat (duck) and cheese. Yummy even for me! :)

... believe it or not our dog really enjoyed this! :)

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  1. aww.. Andy is beautiful!
    i've a dog, his name is Muñeko and i love so much, too!

    P.D.: my name is Eva and i like so much your makes