Friday, December 30, 2011

My makeup WISH LIST for January 2012

Hello Beautiful!

If you at least slightly know me, then you'd know what role makeup plays in my life. I know many people, who being nervous / stressed / sad etc start eating a lot... in my case, I go makeup shopping! :) Since I consider this to be sometimes an addiction, I decided to start composing "makeup wish lists" before I do purchases. This basically helps me get my thoughts together and thus control myself and not spend tons of money on something that I actually don't need. 

This way or another here goes the list of makeup that I am considering purchasing. Obviously, I will not buy everything from this list (or who knows:) ), but I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions too!

1. The Sparkler (The Body Shop), 22 EUR.

This is basically an illuminator, which comes in a cute bottle that reminds me of the old perfume bottles. Needless to say, that the packaging influences me a lot too! Isn't that TOO CUTE!? :) The Sparkler comes in two colors - pink and gold! The illuminator is dry in texture, but the quality seems to be really nice!  I actually have tried them and like both of them! However, since I already have so many illuminators, I might start with just one for now... the pink one! ;) ..obvious, right? :)

2. YSL Cream Blush in # 3 Silky Praline, 35 EUR

I have always been very sceptical towards cream blushes... don't ask me why (I truly don't know), however I recently have tried YSL's cream blush and fell in love with it! First of all, the product pigmentation is quite nice (not too little, not too much... just enough)! Second, the product feels amazing on your skin. Compared to other cream blushes, it feels more like mousse on your fingers and skin; it leaves a very nice and sultry finish.

The color I would like to go for is 3 (Silky Praline), which is sort of dirty pink/brown color - the color I am used to wear on the every-day basis. 

3. Diorshow Iconic Mascara

I have never used any mascara by Dior... still can't believe this is possible! Anyways, quite a few of my friends own this mascara and I truly love how their lashes look like. Diorshow Iconic is a high definition lash curler mascara, which in my opinion is all I need. I don't think Diorshow Iconic gives you volume, but it indeed sculpts, streches and curls your lashes. I guess this is a must-have for me!

4. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

 Forbidden Fruit is always sweet... Laura Mercier is not sold where I live and this makes me desire this foundation even more! From what I have seen on YT, Silk Creme Foundation is HOT this season and I sincerelly would like to try this out! Hopefully, I'll get a chance to obtain it very soon! ;) Btw, have you guys tried this foundation before!? If so, is it really that good?

Anyways, I guess this is IT for my wish list so far! Do you know anything that I still haven't tried and you like it? If you do, then definetely let me know! ;) I am in costant search for good products to try out! Thanks! ;)



  1. I also would love to try the Silk Creme Foundation by Laura Mercier, it´s on my wishlist too! thanks for sharing!

  2. Silvia, if you do, please let me know if this is worth it! SO many people are talking about it and I actually have never heard any criticism about this product! :D