Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Wedding Makeup Tips: Advice for YOUR Wedding

 Hello Beautiful!

So, you are getting married!? My congratulations to you! Now on that very day you want to look perfect, right!? And you will! Let me share some makeup tips and experience with you in order for you to have the best wedding ever! ;)
1. Use primers to avoid creasing and smudging of makeup products! I especially insist on eye shadow primer, because it really looks awful, when bride's eye shadows gather in the crease or small wrinkles!

2. If your skin is oily you might want to use some mattifying primer on your face before applying foundation. Nothing looks worse than too glowy and oily looking bride!

3. Try to use matte eye shadows! Shimmery eye shadows have particles that reflect light and your makeup may look unattractive on the pictures! ...same is valid for foundation!

 4. If you want your makeup to stand out on the pictures  use a bit brighter/bolder colors on your eyes and lips! When I look back, I personally thought that my wedding makeup was dramatic, but when I look at the pictures... well, it seems I barely had anything on! :)

5. For me wedding was all about emotions and kissing! :) Emotions - you get nervious, might drop a tear or two and kissing... well, not only kissing your husband, but also relatives who want to congratulate you! The point is, make sure your mascara and lipstick are waterproof!   

6. Waterproof or not, your lipstick will fade away in some time! Make sure to carry one with you for touchups.

7. Avoid foundation on your decolletage! It can stain your dress and stress you out!

8. Don't overdo your blush! You don't want to look like those old dolls we used to have back in our childhood! However, a bit of blush is a necessity! A bit of color on your cheeks looks like an instant facelift.

9. Most probably you will have to wake up very early on your special day! ...I had to wake up at 6 a.m.! Conceal your under-eye area to make your eyes look fresh throughout the day!

10. Camera lights will make your makeup melt! To avoid that use powder to set your makeup

And finally, try to enjoy your wedding! The ceremony and party will fly fast and you indeed will be worrying if everything is allright and if guests are pleased (even if you have a wedding planner)! Well, forget about it! This is YOUR moment, so enjoy! 

If you are wondering how to pull of the wedding makeup you see on the pictures, then here is a tutorial for you ;)


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS look!!!

  2. Great tips! Your makeup looks amazing, thanks for the tutorial :)

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  4. Catherine, I think Blogger has a bug, please check out the blog in some day, I suppose the button should return by that time. It has already happened many times to me and other bloggers that the button disappeared because of a bug... Sorry for that!

  5. wow fabulous eye look!!
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    you do some great eye looks(: cant wait to see more

    <3 BB

  6. Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:)