Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inglot Eye Shadows: Review

Hello Beautiful!

A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping at Westfield Mall in London and I came across the Inglot store. I have heard so much about Inglot makeup before (especially from EnKoreMakeup on YT), but I actually have never tried it! So, I went into the store, swatched some of the eye shadows on my hand and ... OMG! ...I could not believe it! I fell in love with these eye shadows immediately! As a result, I bought a bunch of eye shadows (gee, I spent around 81 GBP on them, how crazy is that!?) and today I will review them for you! :)

Now, let me show you the eye shadows I bought and their swatches:

1) First, I decided to go for a 10 eye shadow palette. Although it was quite pricy, I was not sure when I will be able to buy more Inglot eye shadows... so I felt kind of greedy and grabbed the max palette I could afford! :) At Inglot they have this Freedom system, where you choose the empty palette you want (they have a large variety, 3, 5, 10, 20 etc) and you fill it in. Here are my eye shadow choices and their swatches.

2) Second, I have to mention that Inglot has both square and circle eye shadows. Now as far as I understood from the talk with one of Inglot employees (her name is Tammy and she is the sweetest and friendliest person I have ever met!), circle eye shadows are going to be discontinued. It is kind of sad, cos these are cheaper than the square ones if bought in a palette. Anyways, I was lucky enough to grab some of these and here they are:

3) Third, I also grabbed some larger circle eye shadows, cos these were on a discount, I suppose these will be discontinued too...not sure though
I personally am in love with Inglot as a brand and quality of the eye shadows! I am sure that the next time I will buy even more eye shadows, try some lipsticks and nail polishes! However, my review would not be a review if I didn't summarize everything together and didn't mention pros and cons, so here it goes ;)

* Huge variety of colors (both matte and shimmery ones)
* Multiple palettes available
* Amazing quality and pigmentation
* Not tested on animals
* 2,7 g / 0,09 OZ of product (compared to MAC: 1,5 g/ 0,05 OZ)
* Paraben free formula (don't really know what that is... but I guess that is good :) )
* Good and professional looking packaging
* 20% discount if you are a makeup artist
* Good customer service (I know we can't judge only by one purchase, but Tammy was so nice that I couldn't help mentioning it!)

* Quite pricy (circle eye shadows both small and big ones - GBP 9.00; square eye shadows in a palette - GBP 5.00 + freedom system palette - GBP 8.00)

Here is also the link to Inglot's website!

All in all, my rating is 5 out of 5! ;)