Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sigma Premium Professional Brush Kit Contest Results

Hello Gorgeous!

The time to announce the winner has come!

Before I announce the winner... and now don't be impatient and scroll this page immediately down :) ... let me first thank all of you for participating in this contest! It is a really great honour for me to have such great and amazing subscribers like you! It always amazes me how creative you are and this time was not an exception! All video responses were wonderful, so thank you once again for spending your time and doing these amazing video responses!

Now, I don't want to keep you waiting any longer! The winner of the contest is ...


My sincere congratulations! Make sure to contact me on YT asap!

Also, let me tell all of you how we chose the winner. As I explained in the contest video, there were 3 of us, who chose their favorite entries. Once this was done, we used to choose a winner. I am not going to mention other "winners", all I can say it was a girl and a boy! "Fitclubonly" was my husband's favorite choice and as he explained to me, he picked up this Youtuber, because video response was simple, understandable, quick, easy to follow and it made an impression that the person followed my videos... so this entry was not picked up because I was featured there! It was a total coincidence :)  

I also wanted to bring up another issue... my young subscribers! :) From what I have seen there are some future makeup artist growing up and I would like to support them. Since from watching the videos I got an impression that they really want to get makeup brushes, I decided to give away some extra brushes I have ... obviously, they are new and I have never used them! And the lucky ones are ...


I have five different brushes to choose from:

MAC 275 brush (angled blending brush)
MAC 194 brush (small concealer brush)
MAC 168 brush (angled contouring brush)
Make Up Store's flat shader brush
No Brand Blush brush (bristles are of a great quality)

The mentioned-above makeup lovers, please contact me on YT and list brushes from the most wanted till most unwanted. The first one to write gets an opportunity to get her favorite brush first.

I guess this is it! Thank you all once again! Stay tuned for more contests!




  1. Aw, I'm really bummed I didn't win but I'm really happy for Fitclubonly and
    BracEFacEDinO !

    Congrats to them all