Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sexy and Flirty Dark Angel Make Up

Hello Beautiful!

Since so many of you asked me to do more fantasy/stage makeups, then I decided to come up with an easy and at the same time attractive look - the Dark Angel Look. To make the look more flattering I thought it would be nice to make the look glowy and add some rhistones to the temples of my cheeks... and the final result you can see on the pictures :) I also include the product list, so that you know what exact products I used to achieve this look! Enjoy!

Product list
1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.
2. Urban Decay Perversion eye shadow (black)
3. NYX eye shadow in white
4. Barry M pigment in # 8 (white)
5. Barry M pigment in 98 (teal-black)
6. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue
7. Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Zero
8. Hot Kandy eye lashes
9. DUO adhesive
10. Lash curler
11. Isadora Colorful eyeliner in black
12. Silver and green rhinestones
13. Benefit Dandellion & Coralista blush
14. Hard Candy lipstick in Fire Alarm
15. MUA lip gloss
16. MAC 239 brush
17. Kicks angled brush
18. MAC 219 brush
19. MAC 224 brush
20. MAC 150 brush
Here is the tutorial itself! Love, K.

YT tutorial


  1. Wow your GORGEOUS! :)

    & really cutee makeup look!:)

  2. Love your new Sigma video on YOUTUBE ! LOVE LOVE LOVE your eye make up, please do an how to ... love those colors and style !!

    Thank you


  3. U are so good and beautiful ! and i love that u are like making girls feel good about them self! : )

    Check : i made the blog just some days not much is there but it will come! please visit now and then <3

  4. hi there! i found you on you tube, and told you I was stopping over at your blog- but I failed to mention who I was haha! so yeah hi im erica and you are truly creative, you have a true talent- honestly haven't seen such creativity and uniqueness in a long time! beautiful job