Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rihanna S&M Inspired makeup

Hey Gorgeous!

I am sure you know that Rihanna has released a new video S&M. I am sure many of us know what s&m really means, but let us assume this is style and makeup :D Anyways, being so much inspired by a bunch of amazing makeup looks Rihanna had in that very video, I decided to go ahead and recreate one of the looks. As you will see from the tutorial, the look has quite a bit of a blush, but if you want to make it more wearable, then go ahead and just skip the blush part... or just add as much as you want. Also, below I will publish the list of the products I used to recreate this look! ...and if you want to learn the howto, then just watch the tutorial... and before I go... if anyone recreates this look, please let me know! I would be very excited to know! x

Product list 
* Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
* White Rabbit eye shadow by Urban Decay (Alice in Wonderland palette)
* Curiouser  eye shadow by Urban Decay (Alice in Wonderland palette)
* NYX PB05 Pinky blush
* Eggplant matte eye shadow by MAC
* Carbon eye shadow by MAC
* Christian Dior black eye pencil
* NYX false eye lashes
* DUO eye lash adhesive
* L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara Black
* Illamasqua - Medium Pencil in Definitive
* Hard Candy - Fire Alarm lipstick
* 239 brush by MAC
* 150 brush by MAC 
* 224 brush by MAC
* 217 brush by MAC
* 111 brush by Make Up Store

 YT tutorial


  1. You are a stunningly beautiful lady!

  2. you look gorgeous! i love this look

  3. hey totally love the look...your make up tutorials are amazingly helpful..keep posting:-)

  4. Thanks girls! You are all soooo sweet! Totally appreciate your feedback! <3

  5. Hey! Love your videos <3 I was wondering if u could do a makeup tutorial of Britney's new music video Hold It Against Me? I know you made a tutorial of the artwork, but I was wondering if you could do this look too:

    Maybe you could do a combined video of all of her looks in the video? :) Anyway, I hope you will consider it, and keep up the good work! :D

  6. hey love your red frizzy hair. What did you use to dye it? Period?

  7. great job!! i love u eyeshadow..