Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fashion Addict series: 6 ways to wear belts

Hello Gorgeous,

Today I will share some of my fashion tips with you, so if you are a fashion addict, then this article might be helpful ;) I believe there are millions of ways to wear belts, but my top six are as follows:

1) I love wearing wide elastic belts with my dresses. What I have noticed is that these kind of belts make your waste look thinner... and what lady would not want that? :)

2) To make people turn their attention to you more, take a belt of an opposite color. Usually light belts look amazing on dark clothes... and yes, the shinier the better! Make sure this belt has a nice buckle, since people will turn their attention to it. All you need to do is turn the buckle to the side! For some reason turned to the side buckle tends to make the belt look very unusual as if it was meant to be worn like that! So if you want to be different, that's the way to go!                                          3) I adore wearing chain belts! Since these tend to slip to your hips, they make your figure look more curvy and sexy! ...why not wearing it on a date with a guy you like? :P
4) My fourth way... I am not going to ramble here a lot. This is the most common way of wearing belts. Just going to mention that I love wearing belts with my jeans!

5) The same belt can always be worn in many different ways. One of the possibilities is to wear belt on top of your long cardigan. It is amazing how your outfit turns to look more elengant when you do so. Try doing it the next time you want to look more fenine!

6) Finally, if you want to add a small twist to your formal work outfit, just add a belt on top of your blazer and you are good to go!

Enjoy being fashionable! Talk to you next time ;)

Your K.

YT tutorial, showing me try on these belts


  1. OMG you r amazing i luv ur vids there gr8t iv seen all of them please do more on fashion i am always up to date with ur vids

  2. love your blog im hosting my 1st blog contest on i hope you will stop by and join the contest soon

  3. Omg your blog is awesome, love it! I'm from sweden and I read it HAHA :-D keep it up girl!

  4. Please it's 2011, those clothes and curling your hair like that is so 2001! You're not ugly but you are making yourself look fugly! I don't know what you are thinking but here in Australia that is not fashionable. Sorry!