Friday, December 31, 2010

December was a month of... nail polishes!

December is the month of shopping. That is a fact! I don't know how about you, but I personally get crazy! During this month I find millions of reasons, why I have to buy this or that. Usually I think that it is about time to pamper myself and afford something that I would not usually afford myself. ...and not even because of lack of money, but because of irrationality!

Anyways, this month (as usual) I decided that I just have to buy some nail polishes. Obviously ca 100 bottles (I am not joking here!) is not enough! Obviously these bottles don't have a best before date... what was I talking about?! Oh yes, buying some nail polishes! :) So, being influenced by all those people, who do Christmas shopping, I (like crazy) was buying nail polishes.

Here are just some of nail varnishes that I have bought:
  • Barry M
  • OPI Mini Burlesque teaser set 
  • OPI DeLites to Darks mini teasers

And now, let me talk about the after feeling, after I have purchased all that stuff. Do you know this feeling when you have bought loads of everything and then you start regreting spending such a large amount? Well, this is NOT about me! In the beginning, yes, I thought that maybe I was too excited and that is why purchased so many nail polish bottles, but then... when I tried the nail polishes on my nails, I understood that I did my shopping not in vain!

Let me a bit expand on virtues of Barry M and OPI nail polishes:
  • Both brands are great quality brands! Their nail polishes are very much alike by their qualities! ..hmm... I would not be surprised if Barry M and OPI products were mancufactured at the same factory... they REALLY have so much in common!
  • Both brands' nail polishes are thick, so that you don't need to apply multiple layers.
  • Both dry out on your nails within 2-3 minutes after application!
  • Both last you around 3 days... and around a week if you put a layer of clear nail polish on their top
  • Both don't chip off! Don't believe me? I swear! All they do is start slightly disappearing at the top of your nails... do you know that I mean?!

The only drawback I can think of right now is the price of OPI nail polishes. In the UK their price is around GBP 12, which is ca USD 20. In this case Barry M is more affordable, since the price of a nail polish bottle is ca GBP 3, which is ca USD 5.

So, to tell you the truth I am extremely happy right now that I have all these wonderful nail polishes. Since these are so amazing and don't take much time to dry out on your nails, I started changing nail color once in 3 days! How cool is that? :) All I can say is that being a nail polish junkie and shopaholic is sometimes not bad at all! ... and now tell me, what have you bought this December? :)



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