Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Love - Mr Andy :P

Hey everyone!

Many of you have been asking me about my dog Andy! So, here comes a short blog post about him :) Since I have changed my video format and now doing videos with voiceovers, you just dont happen to hear him at the background! :) My dog is a French Bulldog, which means that this cutie snores all the time! And it is funny that every time I am recording a video, he comes to my room and falls asleep... which means even more snoring :D Therefore, in order to maintain a good video quality I decided to eliminate all other sounds from videos... however, this elimination also meant elimination of Andy and his snoring :S Since my dog loves attention, here is a little compenstation! If you want to see how my lovely sweet young man looks like, take a look at some of his pictures :P 


  1. thank you for posting some pics of andy. he's so cute! when i get a dog i want a frenchie...
    or a pug...
    or maybe one of each!
    andy looks very happy in his comfy yet glamorous doggie bed.

  2. I have the French Buldogs too!:)

  3. Sandra, aren't French Bulldogs gorgeous? :)

  4. Yes, they're cute, especially their ears are funny :) But you know what, If you want to know what real dogs noise is you should have a pug:D

  5. Oh, I didn't know that! However, ANdy snores like crazy when asleep and when he is really tired :D