Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Visiting Chester Zoo

We've been wanting to do it for a while. Planning and giving up on this idea, planning again and again giving up. The reasons have always been different: being too busy to go, bad weather, bad mood etc. However, yesterday we finally decided to go... no matter what! We booked train tickets and bought admission tickets for today (June 16, 2010), so that we have no way back! ...oh, will ask 'what are you talking about'?! Don't tell me I forgot to mention it! ...Chester Zoo that is :)

The weather today was amazing, it was sunny and warm. Although we woke up quite early and I felt really sleepy, I was still in a good mood and very excited! The train from Manchester to Chester took around an hour, no changes. Having arrived to Chester rail road station, we took a Rail Link bus to city centre (imagine, it was free!), and from there took a bus to the zoo. All in all, in 1,5 hours (and having spent ~$20) we were THERE!

Many of you know that I originally come from a very small country (Estonia) and there is no need to mention that our zoo is tiny. Not only the variety of animals is small, but also many of them are kept in small cages. My heart really hurts every time I go there...I feel too sad for all the animals, living there. Chester Zoo is somewhat different. No cages, or practically no. There is a constant illusion that animals are living in freedom. Nature and parks are amazing, ~50ha of land, therefore enough space for everyone: animals and us - visitors.

I think this zoo can also be called a botanical garden; it is extremely rich on plants! As to animals, then this is one of the richest collections I have ever seen! Here for the first time I have seen in reality giraffes, ostriches, red pandas, zebras, and of course my favourite flamingos. If you'd ask me whether I recommend this place or not, then I would definetely say ,"YES, I DO!"

I decided to take some pictures and share those with you, guys! Hope you will like them! ;)

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