Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pinkish outfit of the day

Today, when I woke up in the morning, I opened my eyes and smiled. The weather seemed perfect through the window. I got up and the first thing I did was... I opened the window to check how warm it was. Although the sun was shining and there were practically no clouds, the air was chilly! ", what should I wear today?" - I thought.

Usually when the weather is nice, yet cold in summer I prefer wearing clothes, which look summery, however, are quite warm. Therefore, my pink mini dress by Guess made of viscose and nylon would suit fine! As to the rest of the outfit, then I would need a matching bag and very comfortable shoes. As such, a bag by Versace made out of leather with silverish studs would compliment the outfit. Finally, since I would be going much around and doing some shopping I would need to make sure that my feet will always be in comfort. Therefore, I decided to complete my outfit with goldish/bronzy ballerinas by Louis Vuitton. Although all of my outfit has silvery accessories and the LV shoes are of a goldish colour, the LV sign itself is silverish, which means that the shoes would still be suitable for the outfit.

As my necklace I decided to wear the one by Bvlgari.

If you want to find out more, then definetely watch the video below ;)


Karina xxx


  1. Very stylish clothing that suits you...

  2. You are so right with your statement about prices in the US and in europe.
    Im from germany and i could never afford buying a dress by Guess. NEVER EVER! But I will, when I'am in the US again next year. ;)

    I found your blog through Youtube. I just wanted to tell you that you are a very good looking, beautiful, young woman, and you shouldn't care to much about the jealous girls writing unfriendly comments on your make-up-videos on YT. :)