Monday, June 21, 2010

My dream pink mini cocktail dress by Mathew Williamson

Have you ever seen something that took away your breath? I have! Some days ago I have seen a really great pink mini cocktail dress by Mathew Williamson and thought, "Mmmm... that is beautiful!" However, for some reason I have not tried it on. Today, when wondering around in Selfridges I thought that I definetely have to do this, because I have constantly been thinking about this dress (they call it 'Mathew Williamson Drape Colour Block Silk Gathered Cocktail mini dress'). ...I tried it on and it was amazing! Simply stunning! The only thing that made me conscious was the price. GBP 397.50??? And this is after a 50% discount?
If that were an every-day dress I might have bought it, but cocktail dress? Here in UK girls do wear these type of dresses quite often, but in my home country, where I am moving back in a week... welllllll, not THAT often... Anyways, I am restless and not knowing what to do!? :S


  1. If you want the dress and you think you're going to wear it. Just buy it or I think you will regret for not buying it when you're back in your hometown....

  2. Thank you, Astrid! Thanks to your advice, I have bought the dress today! :P

  3. It's a beautiful dress. Maybe you could show on youtube what have you bought recently ;)