Sunday, June 20, 2010

MUA makeup haul

These kind of miracles happen NOT very often. What am I talking about? DISCOUNTS on makeup!!! June is the time of sales here in UK and agressive sales are taking place in Boots and Superdrug stores! Some days ago I went to Superdrug and found a new brand (new for me), which is called Makeup Academy or MUA. The variety of products was not large, however, the quality seemed quite good. Eye dusts, eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses were very pigmented; were easy to apply; lip glosses had quite nice smell. I chose 20 different products and paid... GBP 20! Yes, 20! Each product was just GBP 1, which is around USD 1.30! Obviously, I was very excited and actually still am! I am definetely going to do some looks using these products, so stay tuned and check my YT channel! For now, however, I decided to show you the quality by making some pictures and swatches of products that I have bought. Please let me know if you have used this brand before, how much it costs in your country/city and whether you like it or not! Please find the pictures below ;)

MUA eye shadows and swatches

MUA eye dusts and swatches

MUA lipglosses and swatches

MUA lipsticks and swatches

My MUA review on Youtube


  1. In my country you can find even cheaper cosmetics ... but I do not think that it is reasonable to use. I think that probably is a fake or substandard cosmetics

  2. The eyeshadows 18 and 13 are beautiful. I also love the lipglosses.
    Thanks for the swatches! However, I cant`t find that brand in my country.

  3. I love cheap makeup products. In my country we just have Essence and Miss Sporty as a cheap make up line. Hope that when i will go to London I will find some products od MUA.

    Have a nice day.

  4. I LOVE MUA! thanks soooo much for posting these swatches i've spotted like 5 new products i want from this one post thank you :)

  5. hi! the colors are amazing! what a shame tha superdrug doesn't ship to spain...

    Follow you, and i have a sigma's giveaway in my blog ^^


  6. wow :) colors are nice:)