Saturday, June 26, 2010

Easy Barbie Pink Nail Design with Rhinestones for Short Rigid and Uneven nails

Well... the truth is that I have had my gel nails removed and ... oh, God... my own nails became so soft and fragile. Obviously, I will need to have some treatment done, but so far I can use some special products, such as the ones by Nails Inc (Harley Street Base Coat and Cuticle Oil Stick Pen with vitamin E). In this tutorial (see below) I will show you how to make your unhealthy nails look (not be) healthy and how to do an easy and nice Barbie pink manicure for short nails ;) Besides the products mentioned-above, I will also use a Barbie pink nail polish by Barrie M in 'Pink Flamingo' and clear nail polish 'Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener' by Sally Hansen.
Youtube tutorial

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  1. cute cute i just did this desighn and it was really simple
    from a 14 year old tata now yall